William Briggs

William Briggs, better know in the industry as Just_Wills started DJing from the young age of 16, playing in his local town of Hermanus where he started as a assistant for a wedding and events dj doing set ups and sound checks ensuring a perfect running set up every time, this was the kick starter for William's love and passion for music and the ability to control a crowd with nothing more than the right song. This led him to producing some of his own music and getting the first hand feel for how sound works and flows. Shortly after in 2017, William started more hands on and took the role as a DJ keeping guests partying all night long.

In 2020 he moved out to the busy city of cape town where he has taken the night life by storm playing at local venues like Laparada, Tinroof, Tigers Milk and many more, building a name to be remembered in the industry. This is just the beginning for William and his story is along way from finished.

"Music from the soul can be heard by the universe" - Lao Tzu
A couple smiling and dancing to the South African DJ's music at their wedding.


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