Tanya Vee

Tanya Vee is a South African DJ who has fast become known for her unique musical style, a blend of melodic and percussive groove. In her words, "I like beautiful melodies and dirty basslines. Music that moves you at the hips rather than the feet." She incorporates this distinctive sound into any set she does, from chilled sunset sessions to peak main-floor slots. Her first season in Cape Town saw her secure three weekly residencies at prominent venues in the city and positioned her as a favourite on the club and festival circuit. Since then Tanya has toured Asia and Africa, appeared on radio multiple times and played at numerous festivals and high profile events throughout Africa.

In 2020, Tanya did not allow lock-down restrictions to deter her, she continued to spread her musical magic in the virtual space. Booked for various virtual festivals and events both abroad and in South Africa, she now has an impressive catalogue of Live Streams under her belt. From playing at the Virtual Burning Man to opening for well known Spanish producer David Penn for the 'My House Productions' stream series, she has made sure that her name will not be forgotten any time soon. It seems the future has a lot in store for Miss Vee.

Tanya Vee @ Far Out TERMINUS

Events @ Festivals
  • 37 Reasons 2021 + 2022
  • Afrikaburn - Press Play, Soulstice, Loki
  • Air Force One, PE
  • AfricaRising - Grand Africa Cafe & Beach
  • Alex Cruz - A Touch of Dust
  • Billy's Beach 2021
  • Bonkoi Gathering, Camps Bay
  • Clifton Yacht Parties (Resident)
  • Defrost Mini Festival, Wolfkopp
  • Diskotopia - Sin City Fridays (Resident)
  • Equilibrium Festival
  • Equinox Experience
  • Far Out Festival - March and May

And many more! To keep up with Tanya Vee, have a look at her socials below.

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A couple smiling and dancing to the South African DJ's music at their wedding.


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