Ash Brook

Ash Brook "DJ Ash" was born in KZN in 94', shortly after moved down to Pretoria where his DJ career began. He has since been DJing for 8 years and decided to take the next step into the cape town night life during the start of 2022. Since his arrival he has been getting involved in some of the best Cape Town has to offer, from private events to taking Cape Town by the heart in the ever growing night life scene.

Ash took his stand in Djing for house parties and events building his way into the night clubs of Cape Town. He has also taken a joy in the wedding scene, keeping the bride and groom happy for a little over a year with plans on taking it further. This had quickly turned into ashes new found passion.

Ash's talents with sound doesn't stop at DJing but he is also known for making his own music too, adding his own touch and emotion to the music he plays is a big step in the industry of sound and production.

Ash is sure to have you and your guests dancing from the first song up till the last.

A couple smiling and dancing to the South African DJ's music at their wedding.


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