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Do you offer refunds?

If you cancel your event more than 160 days beforehand, we will grant you an unconditional refund.

If you are within a 160 day threshold, we may consider refunding you, however; refunds are not usually granted within this period.

Please contact us asap for any refund inquiries.

How can I qualify for a discount?

Follow us on Google my Business and receive a generous 10% welcome offer discount.


How far in advanced should you book a DJ for your wedding?

We personally take bookings up to three years in advanced. It all depends on you.

The further in advanced you procure a service, the higher the guarantee of availability. If you leave it too late, your perfect DJ may not be available.

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Do you offer DJ classes?

Yes we do. Please get in touch with us via GMB or our website if you'd like to book a class.

How long do DJs play at weddings?

A wedding DJ can play for any amount of time, from thirty minutes to the entire proceedings.

It all depends on their arrangement with the couple.

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