Meet The Dream Team

Music Industry Professionals

Liam Pitcher

Managing Director / HEAD DJ / Pianist

Liam started out as the Head DJ of The DJ Company back in 2014. Its previous owner, Warren Morse, had been managing, growing, and DJing at the company for almost twenty years at the time.

After a prior decade's experience in DJing and musical performance, Liam quickly became acquainted with the wedding and events music scene under Warren's guidance.

Fast forward a few years, and Liam is now the company's MD. He has also taken a step back from DJing in order to focus on running the business - although; he does still play at select events.

His vision is to unify the local events music industry under The DJ Company, and to expand it outside of Cape Town alone.

A portrait of Liam Pitcher, the Managing Director of The DJ Company.
A portrait of a female DJ manager from Cape Town South Africa.

Tarryn Kidd


Tarryn Kidd  is the creator of Marry Me by TK. Her love for the outdoors inspires her creativity, love and passion for all things beautiful.

Tarryn joined The DJ Company as a Manager in November 2020 and she has  collaborated with us planning and coordinating weddings and events working alongside some of the best vendors the industry has to offer.

She loves how flexible the work culture is and how her team thrives on ambitious goals.

ADrian Fowler

Production Manager / drummer

Our Production Manager, Adrian, has been an active part of the live music, and events industry for the past 10 years.

Having toured locally and internationally, performing and playing on various different stages, Adrian is equipped with knowledge and experience that proves extremely valuable to The DJ Company.

"Making sure that your wedding/event is equipped and running smoothly from the first song to the last, is of the utmost importance to us. We settle for nothing less than perfection, in sound, lighting and production." - Adrian

With attention to detail, timing and proficiency, The DJ Company and its staff are hand-picked for their unique set of skills, from DJ’s to crew, ensuring your wedding/event is the best it possibly can be. We have full confidence in our products and services, and you should too.

A portrait of Adrian Fowler, production manager and drummer at The DJ Company.
A portrait of the best Head of PR in South Afica, Leslie Muzuwa.

Leslie Muzuwa

Head of PR & Content

Leslie's unique insights and strategies applied in the intrepidly overlapping spectrums of PR and Content Creation emphasise the nurturing touch, wholesome approach and anchoring he provides.

Though being our youngest addition to the team, Leslie boasts 10 years of experience in the performance industry, ranging from Jazz and Soul ensembles as a lead vocalist to recent DJing exploits in the central Cape Town scene.

Leslie is a multidisciplinary artist and an all-round content creator. We believe there's nobody better to communicate with you and for you, and to help us represent you in the most fitting way possible.

Warren Morse


Warren founded The DJ Company in 1998, under the name 'Hey Mr. DJ' - an icon in the local scene.

He has since stepped away from the business, leaving proceedings to Liam.

As the company initially evolved, focus was turned to weddings and corporate functions and has since remained the company’s primary market for the last 10 years.

Warren's passion and meticulous nature, as well as his exceptional business sense, lives on in what we do.

A portrait of Adrian Fowler, production manager and drummer at The DJ Company.
A portrait of South African DJ, Jacky Masutha.

Jacky Masutha

Ex Head DJ / Administrator

Jacky has experience in the Cape Town electronic music scene, having repeatedly played for collectives at Reset (formally know was Era), Fiction, Vice City , Club 89, Modular, Grand Africa, Kinky Summer, and many others.

With over 8 years DJ experience, he's managed to pick up priceless experience having performed at dozens of events, weddings and private functions with the DJ company.

Jacky's hunger and ability to play adapt to any situation behind the decks has allowed for his versatility and fast-paced growth.
Jacky joined the ranks of The DJ Company in late 2017. In 2019, he took on the responsibility of Head Administrator and Head DJ, and stepped away in December 2020 to pursue other avenues in the South African Music Scene.

An Unstoppable Musical Force

We Know Music

What sets us apart is that our entire time understand music. From music theory, and playing real instruments, to rocking dance floors, we have it all.

We've Played Everywhere

Apart from an elusive few, we have practically played at every important events venue in the Western Cape. For this reason, we are intimately familiar with the process of setting up, striking down, DJing, and proper etiquette in the industry. 

We believe firmly in collaborating, and building, and growing together in this community. This is why we're the best, and on almost every local venue's directory.

You can count on us to make your special occasion absolutely unforgettable. We're here for you.